I found my migrant Kennedy ancestors by virtue of their occupations as master mariners, captains, seamen, and merchant traders in port. They were not boarding ships as passengers so much as working the maritime trade. Captains in their own right this seafaring family sailed out of Ireland in windjammers crossing the Atlantic to the new world. This is their story.

CAPTAIN'S LOG The Mariner Kennedys recognized captains, skippers, or master mariners (largely of Newfoundland) imagine how large the index would be if it contained the names of all Kenendy sailors, coopers, ships joiners, fishermen, weavers and all those whose livelihood came from the sea.

Irish Origins On the Wexford Herring Cot

Our ancestral view of Conception Bay, Newfoundland Crocker's Cove Property

Stories: Kennedys of Carbonear

     The Story of Our Group by Louis A. Kennedy

     Fishing out of Emily Harbor, Labrador Cassie Brown writes about the 1892 Kennedy stranding in Castaways on the Labrador

MyKennedy line

I. Nicholas Kennedy & Grace Young Crocker's Cove, Carbonear Newfoundland Harbor Grace Roman Catholic Parish Records

II. Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1881) and Julia Kennedy (1809-1892) marry in 1831 and have 5 children in Carbonear NL

       III. Captain John Kennedy (1839-1912) Margaret Butler (Massachuesetts, Connecticut Florida; female Colford, Finn line of Carbonear)

       III. Captain Nicholas Kennedy (1848-1919) Margaret Hamilton (Malone lines)

       III. Captain Terence Kennedy (1845-1935) Mary Joy (my line onto Brooklyn, NY)(Hayden, Finn,Davis.Murphy inNL

          III.  Mary Kennedy (1836-) married Thomas Forristall (Forristalls in Everett, Massachusetts)

       III. Grace Kennedy (1839-1922) married Captain Dick Hayden  

Early Kennedy Births Harbor Grace and Carbonear, Newfoundland, 1790-1821

Kennedy Records 1, Kennedy Records 2 extracts from Harbor Grace Parish Records, 1806-1840

Kennedy Births, 1800-1923 Compilation I arranged these births to show Family Lineages

Delayed Birth Registrations for Kennedy children All Newfoundland

Early Kennedy Marriages (1755-1820) recorded in Newfoundland

Kennedy Marriages a compilation of 19th century records from Carbonear and Harbor Grace, Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland.

19th Century Business Directory and Voter Lists for Carbonear and Harbor Grace Kennedys

WWI Memorial

Carbonear Kennedys in the 1921 Newfoundland Census

More Kennedys from Other areas of Newfoundland in the 1921 Census

Kennedys born in Newfoundland in the 1881 Canadian Census (Newfoundland was not part of Canada until 1949)

Newfoundland KENNEDYs in1870's US Massachusetts Kennedy's in the 1850 1860 1880 1900 US Census

Newfoundland Kennedys in the 1930 US Census Kennedy's in Brooklyn 1930 US Census

Newfoundland Kennedys emigrating through Ellis Island, New York; Newdoundland Kennedys emigrating into Boston, Massachusetts

Kennedy Estate Records

Other Legal Documents (Bills of Sale, mortgage etc.)

Kennedy Death and Burial Records:

North West RC Cemetery Carbonear

List of photographed Kennedy gravesites in Newfoundland by

Harbour Grace Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cathedral Street

All Newfoundland Deaths Kennedy's 1890-1905  {pending 2018 jcp}

Kennedys from Seary Book

Descendants of James Kennedy (1761-1827) and Anastasia Wells of Carbonear Was he the brother of Edward Kennedy who left in his 1797 will the Crockers Cove land to three sons Terence, William and Nicholas

Descendants of James Kennedy (1716-1776) of Harbour Main

Kennedys from the Dictionary of Newfoundland and Labrador Biography

Keith Matthews Name Files for Kennedy Surname in Newfoundland

Kennedy Heraldry

Kennedy Timeline

Archived Newfoundland News Bits for surname Kennedy

Descendants of William KENNEDY of HIBBS HOLE, Port de Grave

Kennedys of Lance Cove, Bell Island, Newfoundland N

Kennedys of Bear's Cove